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House of Creation aims to create architecture that can have a healing component on the human body. We will achieve this through our philosophy of choreographing atmospheres that makes us feel something and our vision towards understanding the atmospheric elements. We as creators can curate spaces and ambiances that provoke these emotions. 

A fundamental factor of achieving this comes from the importance of forms, light, and materials, sustainable natural materials. Through the atmospheric elements the integration of experiences plays a big part in that.

The Value of Collaborative Work

The name “House of Creation” comes from the belief in the value of collaborative work, especially for empowering the female voice. As a multidisciplinary practice, we are passionately committed to encouraging continuous dialogue and interaction between ourselves and clients, engineers, designers, urbanists, artists, and craftspeople. It is at the intersection of diversity, creativity, collaboration across disciplines that added value and innovation emerge.

Adaptation to landscape and minimal footprint

We believe that it is vital that essential landscape forms and elements should be allowed to influence, inform, and inhabit the character of the spaces we create. Through the landscape and natural light, we allow that to be the main influences that informs how the building takes its shape and form. It is about adjusting the built to the site and landscape, not the other way around. Having a minimal footprint where possible to minimalize the impact on the landscape and its habitat is very important

Architecture & Interior

House of Creation strives to create architecture and interiors influenced by Scandinavian and Japanese design tradition of simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. The merging of the two styles is based on the philosophy of Zen and calming atmospheres. The built environment is what sets the factors that shapes the interior, and they are both linked and should be looked upon as equally important.

Project Management

We are project managers in developer projects who want to be dedicated to sustainable solutions and circular architecture. House of Creation cultivates a good dialogue between the project manager, the client and the executing team, so that we can put the best, tailor-made solutions in place. With a multidisciplinary and creative process, we create added value and a new approach.

Product Design

In our work with product design, we aim to create solutions that are better adapted to the home while at the same time having a unique architectural expression. Niches, wide window sills and other "dead space" get tailor-made, functional and attractive solutions. It is important to us that the products are adapted and blend in with their surroundings.


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