Manhattan Residence


Germanotta Residence / Upper West Side, New York

Square meters

160 sqm

A prehistoric condominium on the Upper West Side from 1957, facing Central Park, holds a unique duplex apartment. A transformation and renovation of the duplex unit was requested, while keeping some of the unit’s original features, was an important factor. Oda Olafsrud’s design of this home is highly influenced by Scandinavian design aesthetics and pure minimalism.

Images Captured by: Alice Gao @alice_gao

ATMOSPHERE AND MATERIALITY The color palette is soft and serene, from creamy whites to various grey tones, and the different textures in the materials create a harmonious ambiance. The design creates an atmosphere where variations of light and shadow occur and brings the space to life. This is visible, especially in the morning and afternoon hours.

How one material flows into another material and changes in shape, color and texture are what are a key design element for this project. The selected furniture and artwork acts as a contrast to the overall design’s straight lines and creates a more balanced atmosphere.

VISION Converting the duplex unit from a previous screening and recording space, which the former movie director and owner Robert Altman used it for, and make it into a habitable living space providing a design concept suitable for the space and the clients wishes. Keeping some of the original elements were important both from a sustainable aspect and a tribute to its original architectural features.


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